Monday, June 21, 2010

i got nothin

the kids are sitting on the floor sharing a big bowl of popcorn.
they are all freshly bathed and watching tom and jerry cartoons.
anna is picking out all the yellow pieces of popcorn.
josh is getting mad.
he's explaining to her to just look at the tv and eat--without picking through the bowl.
she doesn't care to listen.
ben is happy and giggling at tom conducting an orchestra.
then they all start to giggle.
anna finds a super yellow piece and shows josh.
josh is totally pissed.

john is in iowa. he left on father's day.
i miss him terribly.

my parents watched the older kids and took them swimming again today.
they really love these kids. big time. it's so sweet to watch.

anna got her hair chopped off. well, about 5 or 6 inches anyway. it's still past her shoulders.

josh is such my sweet sensitive boy. he's cried about 17 times over john being gone.

ben's new favorite sign is "help". he brings me his favorite toy, signs help and then waits for me to wind it up.

see, i really have nothin to say.
a bunch of nothin.

it's almost bed time so i have to go now.
time to listen to the "but do i have to"s and the "but i'm not tired yet!"s.

i miss john terribly.
i already said that, didn't i?

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Kylie Mc said...

my little guy LOVES tom and jerry :)