Tuesday, June 22, 2010

it's crazy hot

the south has been frying all week.
when i left work today my car said it was 103 degrees.

believe it or not, this is down from yesterday.
yesterday it read 106!
i feel like we're melting.
thank goodness for air conditioning!

poor ben boy went to sleep tonight at 6:30.
he was acting so unusually naughty--throwing and tearing up everything--so i took him to bed.
he was asleep in 3 minutes.
it wasn't until i had put him in timeout for the fourth time that i realized he didn't nap at all today...
poor tired boy.

josh's front tooth is so loose it's sideways!
but he refuses to mess with it.
it's making me feel insane!!!!!!!!!!

anna is growing again.
she's wearing bigger clothes than josh wears now and she's 2 years younger!
but almost every night i tell her to stop growing. and she just thinks that is the funniest thing ever.

earlier today, my aunt's mother, mimi, passed away.
she had been sick for a very long time and i think it was almost a relief for everyone.
she was so ready to go to heaven. she told everyone she was ready.
and for some reason, that has stuck with me. the idea of being ready for heaven.
i'm not ready yet, but someday, someday i hope i will be.
and i know there will never, ever, be another mimi like her ever again.

off to fold clothes and pack lunches for camp tomorrow.
have a good night, friends!

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