Sunday, July 25, 2010

it's hot. crazy hot.

and my sunflowers are the only ones who seem to like it.

we have been stuck inside all weekend.
everywhere i turn there is mess.
wii controllers
barbie stuff
buzz and woody
a football tackling dummy
shoes everywhere.
i feel a little nutty just thinking that it wasn't there 20 minutes ago.
as soon as they are up, they blink their little eyes and POOF! there it is again.

so i continue to snap pictures of my beautiful sunflowers because really, who wants to see pictures of mess?

we snuck out yesterday afternoon for a swim and the water must have been 90 degrees.
i felt overheated being in it.
not refreshing at all.
john threw a football with the boys around 8pm.
they were disgusting, dripping with sweat, when they came in.
poor ben just wanted a drink of water and a bath. he was climbing in the tub before the water even started.

today's agenda? get this mess under control, maybe organize the downstairs linen closet (YUCK) and eat some jambalaya. i made it yesterday and it was yummo!

ok, enough of the sunflowers...i promise i'll try to take pics of the kids today.
but seriously, aren't these flowers happy little things??


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

they are happy flowers! i am feeling the same way. all of a sudden my house looks like the show hoarders and i start to feel really claustrophobic. i need it to rain and the weather to cool off just a smidge so i send my kids outside!

Kimberlee J. said...

Love the sunflowers, Amy. It's a much happier view than looking around my own house. Ahem.