Wednesday, July 14, 2010

josh's mouth

did you happen to notice josh's mouth in that last post?
the crazy mess of teeth he's got going on?

oh my goodness. his mouth is a hot mess.

there are HUGE adult teeth coming in from everywhere but his baby teeth just won't come out.
and he refuses to wiggle them free.

i really wish he would. then i might stop calling him mater.


Verita said...


Don't let him do that!

I did that when i was a kid and now i'm having a lot of trouble in the dentist because i still have some baby teeth and adult teeth behind them :\

So force them out or go to the dentist whit him. That's my advice anyway :P

Sorry if my English has mistakes, i'm Portuguese. :)

And by the way i love reading your blog. XD



...Nancy said...

you are NOT KIDDING about a 'hot mess'! wow.

Liz said...

Done! You're linked.

So glad my teeth growing days are over. :)


meg duerksen said...

my kids' mouths look similar.
it drives me nuts.
i have taken teeth out myself once they start to wiggle because two rows of teeth makes me crazy.
lauren even had it YEARS ago! it was so funny one day i looked and said "what the heck!!!! you have extra teeth!"