Tuesday, July 13, 2010

summer camp

josh and anna both attend an awesome summer camp every day.
it is such a fun place for kids.
every week they have a different theme of events, do arts and crafts, go swimming, etc.
(i always say i want to open a summer camp for grown ups so we can have fun too! wouldn't that be fun?)

anyways, this week is sports week and the kids have been competing in all kinds of activities.
josh was bummed yesterday because he didn't win a ribbon in the basketball shoot out.
another kid beat him by one lousy basket.

but today was a different story.
both anna and josh brought home ribbons for baseball--most accurate throwing and longest throwing.

they walked in the door proud as peacocks, posing for me with their prizes.

and they gobbled down dinner while continuing to tell us every last detail of their winning day.

tomorrow's fun--art, ice cream social, and soccer competition.
sounds awesome.

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Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

yay for them! their smiles are priceless.

i wish there was a summer camp for moms where we got awards for finishing the laundry or remembering to feed the dog. that would be cool!