Sunday, July 18, 2010

kids' dinner

last week we let josh and anna make us dinner, hence the name kids' dinner.
i'm pretty sure i stole the idea from meg duerksen--don't i always--but the kids were totally psyched for it.

they planned the meal, made a shopping list and prepared it all by themselves.
the only thing i did was put the pizza in and out of the oven.
i couldn't believe how well they worked together. i was in awe the whole time.
the other thing that impressed me was how they wanted to make it exactly like i do.
with oregano and basil on top too!

it tasted so good and they were so proud and happy.
and another thing crossed off the summer list!

now josh has decided we need to have kids' dessert night.
can't wait to see what they decide to make for that!


Kimberlee J. said...

Kids dessert night? Now that sounds heavenly!!!!

meg duerksen said...

i like your way even better! team work and even the shopping list.
i am going to do it your way amy!