Saturday, July 10, 2010

our fourth of july

i almost forgot to post about last weekend!
what is wrong with me?
(don't answer that.)

the kids went swimming all day and we ate and ate and ate.
by the time late afternoon rolled around, all the kids in the neighborhood were going stir crazy waiting for the fireworks to start.
i looked outside and saw all the kids lined up on the curbs.
eventually, everyone joined in and the dads set of a few small fireworks to get them started.

and that's when the cops showed up.
someone must have grabbed my camera and took a picture of it. cracked me up when i found it later.

i missed almost everything.
ben was not having any of it--the food, the people, the fireworks. none.
he was tired and cranky pants.
after i got him settle down and in bed, i managed to go outside and catch the tail-end of the party.
and a couple of pictures too.

i did manage to sneak in a couple of my favorite raspberry lemonade coolers so i guess the night wasn't a bust afterall.
the dads really put on a great show and the kids had a ball.
i'm sure the $140 john spent on fireworks was money well spent.

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