Monday, July 12, 2010

girly girl stuff i like

this is really hard for me to write because

a) i am not a girly girl
b) i have no idea how to do hair or makeup
c) i would rather go to a thrift store or to target than shop for girly girl stuff any day of the week.

but, alas, i am a girl afterall and sometimes, i have found, that girls need a couple of girly girl things to get by.

so here are a few of my favorites:

--degree clinical-strength deodorant in classic romance fragrance. it smells great, withstands my insane alabama heat and humidity, and i never, ever have stinky pits. very important for a girl, agreed?

--bobbi brown bronzer. i am, no matter how much a non-girly girl, a die-hard makeup snob. and bobbi really is the best i've ever tried. and because i hate wearing foundation, this bronzer is perfect for the summer.

--calvin klein "eternity" fragrance. i know it's so old, it could be considered the "drakkar noir" female equivalent. but it's still my most favorite, clean-smelling, and perfectly light perfume i've ever found.

--the apothecary brand (from target) honey almond hand & body lotion. i love the smell of almond anything and this stuff is very moisturizing. especially for my dry tan legs. the tanner they get, the dryer they look. i.e. "ashy". ashy is not good--girl or not.

--bobbi brown no smudge mascara. it is perfect for non-girly girls who tend to wear mascara and then spend the day rubbing their eyes. doh!

--another thing i do is use my hair conditioner to shave my legs with. i did it once in a pinch and my legs were so smooth and silky i didn't need any lotion. now i do it every day. and it saves me a step in the morning. hooray!

--neutrogena dry-touch sunscreen. i love the sun and love to be tan. it makes me feel gooood! but, it's very, very bad for me. and i'm smart enough to know that. this sunscreen doesn't make me feel oily or slippery like some other ones do. i do wish it smelled like hawaiian tropic but that's more so i can pretend i'm 15 again and have sun-in in my hair and listen to tribe called quest and talk on the phone all day. and welcome to my a.d.d.!

ok, that's plenty for now.

what do you use that helps you be a girly girl?
please share!

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Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

what a fun post! i'm also not a girly girl but do love good products. oh, and i'm a makeup snob too. i just figure that with the small amount of makeup that i wear, and the fact that i'm certainly not going to be touching it up during the day, that i might as well use good stuff that's going to work.

i love the shaving your legs with conditioner idea. i need to try that. and the mascara!