Monday, August 9, 2010

mommy's boy?

i was sitting on my mom's couch.
josh was cuddled up next to me, his arms wrapped around mine.
our legs were tangled up together too.
i looked down at him and smiled.
i may have even sighed.
this was nice.

he looked up at me and smiled back.
he has my eyes, i thought.
he reached up and stroked my cheek.
then he took both of his hands and used them to cup my face.
i could feel a lump in my throat.
my sweet boy, i thought.
and then he said, in the most tender and loving little voice, "mommy, i think you're growing a beard."


...Nancy said...

i have tweezers in my office in case of emergency...this sounds like an emergency! :-)

Kelli said...

LOL. LOL. LOL. all i could think in that moment was that kids say the darndest things...

Tricia said...

Too funny!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

that rocks!! so funny and exactly the laugh i needed to lighten the mood around here. thank you so much for sharing!!!!