Monday, August 2, 2010

show off...

i went to hobby lobby today.
whoa nelly--there's fall, halloween, thanksgiving AND christmas stuff already everywhere!
just. plain. crazy.

but, i found the cutest drawer pulls, blue with brown polka dots, and i had to have them.
i ran home and proceeded to put them on the dresser in our foyer.
i stood back and admired the cuteness. (sorry, bad nighttime picture)

a little whimsical, right?
adds a little fun, wouldn't you say?

i was feeling a little bit proud of spontaneous, cute and whimsical me.

i saw this amazing "little" home office redo from jones design company.

my jaw hit the floor.
talk about cute. talk about whimsical. talk about fun.
and this little hip momma has four youngin's and has her own design company and just held a summer boutique out of a garage (brilliant!!) and is pretty much making me jealous with every. single. blog post she writes.

there it is again.
that feeling.
is it jealousy or is it inadequacy??

stupid knobs...i need to buy some chalkboard paint.


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

your knobs are very cute!

that wallpaper though is kind of amazing.

Leslie said...

It's jealousy. I had it too when I looked at those beautiful pictures! Your knobs are pretty stinkin' cute thought!

Adrienne said...

Love it! Whimsical is my new decor! I've been slowly changing up my house from one that's been traditional to one that my friend calls "whimsical" and I'm about to do a small kitchen makeover-so excited! I love that office makeover!! The knobs look great!

meg duerksen said...

the knobs are awesome!
now i want to go to hobby lobby!
it's been too long.

and i have never seen that other blog....i WILL go now.
i love black!

and your hair is adorable.