Monday, September 27, 2010

getting in the monday groove.

what can i say?
we have a love/hate relationship, mondays and i.
today was...well, let's just say the word of the day was GRUMPY.
the sky was gray and grumpy.
i felt all blah and grumpy.
ben was tired and grumpy.
john is a stress ball and grumpy.
anna's been working on a story about a blue sea dragon.

ben's about given up naps (GRUMPY) and his poor nose is running like crazy.
but i love the way he and josh hold hands and find something fun to get into together.

making forts is at an all-time high for fun bonus points these last few days.
so is carrying around plastic rifles but let's not discuss that.

so we're getting there.
almost back in the groove for the week.
homework is done, kids are in jammies, ben's asleep (GRUMPY), and book time is about to commence.
see ya next week, monday.

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