Friday, September 24, 2010

on my mind.

i've been in a writing rut. i want to say so many things but my house is a mess.
wait, you say those things are completely unrelated?
how can i not write -- because my house is a mess?

well, it's sad and true. when my house is messy, so is my mind.
i'm a total dork like that.
we are in the middle of redo-ing, reinventing, and it takes a mess to make it better.
but still...the clutter. the stuff everywhere. it's grating on me.

but when i saw what mrs. kimberlee posted today, i thought "i can do that."
i'm such a copy cat.
so here goes, instyle magazine style, what's on my mind today:

Morning perk...drinking cinnamon starbucks coffee with vanilla caramel (sugar free/fat free) creamer while blasting court yard hounds. makes the morning commute almost enjoyable.

Fall fetish...white pumpkins (of course) and a big bucket filled with cut cotton stems. real cotton, like stolen from a field. who would do that???! :)

Guilty Pleasure...dark chocolate covered espresso bits. oh my.

Gametime...penn state is on and rotel dip in the crock pot.

Signature Scent...calvin klein eternity. i'm old school like that.

Just's complicated. again. funny, funny stuff.

Workout... with all this talk about food who has time to work out? seriously, i totally need to find the time. i want to find the time. ugh.

New hobby...sewing? scrapping? cleaning??

Dream vacation...a fall tour of new england ending at the cottages in cabot cove in kennebunkport, maine. click here. sigh.

of course i would love to spend a month in the south of france with just john and a truckload of money. that would be nice.


Adrienne said...

Seriously, we need to live closer because we are so much alike!! I go crazy when my house is a mess. I need to clean it just to function correctly and tackle other tasks! Too funny! So many of your "on my mind" things are mine as well!

...Nancy said...

morning perk: invading your office for coffee
guilty pleasure: sneaking a couple of your expresso beans after you leave
...oops, just told on myself!

Kimberlee said...

Amy! Seriously! Who can write when my house is a wreck...I hear ya. And for the record...I love your house! The colors are what I'm trying to do here...but beachy in KS? I'm not sure I can pull it off.