Wednesday, October 20, 2010


i really feel like i'm struggling.
i am trying to find a good balance, but right now i feel like my life is a juggling act.

i feel like at times i spend too much time with ben.
but he's been going through a very clingy stage and it's almost impossible for me to do anything without him by my side.
i know ben needs more help with his speech.
i know anna needs more help with her reading.
i know josh needs more help with his math.
i'm trying.

the laundry is piling up again and the dishwasher needs to be emptied.
the dogs want to go for a walk.
the backyard needs to be cleaned up.
the garage looks like an episode of hoarders.
i have no less than 433 projects in motion.
i'm trying.

but for now, i need a little break.
away from it all.
so i'm heading out tomorrow, with my mom and tricia, and we are heading east to atlanta for the country living fair.

(from last year's fair in columbus, ohio)

i'm so excited to go.
and a little sad to leave--as wacky as that sounds.

see that's the struggle of a momma: i want to go, need to go, just for a little recharging, but i love my family and miss them terribly while i'm gone!
i will probably end up buying them each a little treat and think about them the entire time.

but that's ok. i'll be recharging, in my own way, with some other people that i love just as much.

be back sunday with a recap and hopefully some pretty pics!
take care, friends and fellow mommas.


jessica kiehn said...

i feel exactly how you're feeling frequently. But here's what I know:
our husbands are there to help take the load off. If we'd just kindly ask for their help...they want to help. They hate seeing their wife frustrated and at her wit's end.

If Ben wants to cling to you, let him cling to you. He's going through a phase, could be weeks, months, years, whatever, where he just wants you and (in my humble opinion) that's FINE! He loves you. You're a safe place to him. Cling right back on to him and let go of your guilty feelings of "am i babying him too much? Am I not spending enough time with the other kids?" Just let go and be the momma to your 3 beautiful kids you were always meant to be.

Enjoy your trip! You're doing great:)

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

have fun and enjoy your time!

meg duerksen said...

i am jealous of your fair!!!