Tuesday, October 12, 2010

day two and three.

the only pictures i took on day two of our trip were of a naked ben boy playing in the water hose.
i hope he isn't mad at me, in about 14 years, when i show his prom date his cute little tushy.

so onto day three:
back to basics...shells, sand, surf.

at one point in the early afternoon, the tides shifted and the water started to get noticeably dark.
at first we all thought it might be seaweed.
or maybe oil.

but then we could see it was really thousands of little minnows.
and the boys grabbed the nets and...

and started catching some big lady fish.
with nets!
it was crazy.
the fish were leaping out of the water, chasing the minnows!
big splashes everywhere!

and that's when i saw him.
and he was hungry! (yes, we were on land, thankfully)

let me zoom in so you can see too.
check out all the little fish jumping away from his mouth!
(i can't believe i caught this!)

swim away, little fishies, swim away!!

i have never seen anything like that in my life.
it was like watching the discovery channel.
josh declared this day, "the goodest day of my life!"

the next day, there were no signs of sharks or minnows or lady fish.
the quiet calm had returned, just like nothing had ever happened.

the wrap up tomorrow.


Kelli Wright said...

That is the cutest little tushy!! I love to take Wyatt's diaper off and kiss his little cheeks!

Kim said...

Cool pics! We saw something similar - minus the shark - one evening when we were down there Labor Day weekend. I've never seen so many minnows & fish jumping like that.