Wednesday, October 13, 2010


my camera's battery is dead and i can't find the charger.
so the last of the beach pictures will have to wait until another day.

i should be sleeping.
i'm running on four hours of broken sleep.
john's in iowa so i'm flying solo once again.
i stayed up way too late last night watching tv (parenthood, leno, the first miners being rescued) and i've been achey all day.
with a sore throat.
i stayed home from work, kept ben home with me and even skipped his field trip to the pumpkin patch.

still can't believe i did it, but i needed a break.
i may even stay home tomorrow.
burnin' that sick leave, baby.

have you ever tried the starbucks caramel macchiato ice cream???
i did.
big mistake.
it's dangerous.
right up there with nutella.

earlier today, anna told me that ben smelled like a cheese stick.
what does a cheese stick smell like exactly?
i wonder if it was stinky cheese or just regular mozzarella?

wanna see a very cool house all decorated for halloween?
click here.
i love the skeletons at the table.
and all the chippy white.

i really want to do a girls' craft night at my house.
do any of you want to come?
what should we make?
maybe a wreath like this.
or some cute flower pins like this.
or you guys could help me paint a wall in my office like this!
any takers?


Megan said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your 'Inspired' list on your sidebar. I just looked at all your good stuff and am totally inspired too! Thanks for sharing and taking the time to add such a cool thing!

melissajhill said...

I would do a craft night!