Saturday, November 27, 2010

project stairway.

maybe it's the two dogs.
or maybe it's the three kids.
or maybe it's just close to nine years of wear and tear.
but our stairs were scratched and worn and in desperate need of a face lift.

i found this tutorial online using my favorite dash and albert rugs and knew instantly this was exactly what our stairs needed!

i went to my favorite online shop, white flower farmhouse, and ordered a couple of runners.

we bought some rug padding at lowe's and john installed it all this weekend.

reason #1671 why i love my husband: he is a master with a staple gun.

why we waited until it was dark to take pictures is beyond me.
the rug is a dark taupe with navy, aqua and cream stripes.
it's called blue heron stripe if you look at the dash and albert site.

as with most of our projects, i have no idea why we waited so long to do this.
what a difference!
i love the end result and couldn't be happier.


Mikayla Lynne said...

Looks awesome Amy!

Adrienne said...

It looks sooo good! Your husband did an awesome job!

Kimberlee said...

Seriously loving this!!!!!

meg duerksen said...

looks so good!
or stairs are getting painted this winter. i can't wait.

Harmony said...

Totally copying this someday!

Swimfrog05 said...

Your stairs look amazing! Kudos to the Blogstress for the idea and Hubby for the installation.

At the same time I can't help but cringe inwardly a tiny bit... I recently refinished the hardwood in my house, including the stairs, and spent Many MANY hours pulling old staples out of the risers because the owner before me went a little crazy with the staple gun.

Danielle Farley said...

That is gorgeous!