Saturday, November 27, 2010

turkey day

for the first time in 12 years, i did not cook thanksgiving dinner.
and while it was very nice not having to do it, i admit it was a little weird.
i missed the house smelling like thanksgiving and i missed making gravy.

we spent the evening at my mom and dad's and it was lovely.
my mom outdid herself as usual.
jason brought his famous egg nog.
anna and i made dessert and broccoli casserole.
everyone ate too much and then went back for more.

saturday morning i shopped online and avoided the crowds.
most stores had the same specials online as they did in the stores so i was giggling to myself as i placed my order, at home, all warm and toasty with my coffee and pajamas. heheee.

later on in the day my mom and i did hit a couple stores but we weren't long at all.
john and the kids put up the tree and i laid on the couch snuggling a cranky little ben boy.

today nancy and i went to jason's and we decorated the outside of his house for the christmas parade next saturday.
i wish i had some pictures! it looks so pretty.
now, if only someone would come help me with my house!
we still have pumpkins and cornstalks on my front porch!

i am so very grateful for my family and my husband.
i am so very thankful for the time we spend together.
i am so very thankful for our health.
i am so very thankful for our home and our warm beds.
this list could go on a mile long. but i think you get the idea. :)


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

it sounds like such a lovely day! smart thinking with shopping online.:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like ya'll had a grand time. Love the pics. I know this was a very good Thanksgiving for you guys. We had it at our house this year had about 25 or so, now we are moving right into Christmas!!!!