Thursday, December 9, 2010

a bit of today.

our elf, joseph, and two notes for him left by the children.
i know some day they will no longer believe in the magic.
but for now, each and every day is bubbling over with it.
for my kids, Christmas is magic. (and i love it)

by anna, while doing her homework, "oops! i made a blunder!"
by josh, while watching the show COPS, "that almost looks real!"

miss olga's adoption fund has grown to over $4000.
if you donated or helped spread the word, thank you!
you are a part of something life-changing.
i cannot think of anything more lifting at Christmas time then helping a child.

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Patti said...

NO way! I have that same elf!! It was my mom's and I have never seen one anywhere like it until now! How cool, I love our elf:)