Sunday, December 12, 2010

busy little elf.

my saturday was spent baking and baking and cooking.
i found some good recipes to try and just knocked 'em out.
first up, cinnamon sugared almonds.
they are delicious. completely addictive. and crazy easy.

next up were homemade peanut butter cups.
they were a little bit time consuming, but still really simple.
and i have to say, so impressive looking AND a homerun in the taste department!

i'm happy to report that almost all of the nuts and candy are now out of my house and off to the neighbors!
of course not before we all sampled and chowed and sampled some more.

my sweet tooth was workin overtime so i decided to make these little savory gems: pepperoni cheese puffs.
and i do not have one, single picture of them.
mostly because anna loved them so much, she made them her dinner. :)

my kitchen looks like a tornado has blown through, dishes, and spatulas and every single spoon i own, piled high in the sink.
and here i sit, with my coffee cup in hand, wishing that another little elf would come clean it.
it doesn't look good...i've been sitting here for a couple hours now and still no elf.
maybe a peanut butter cup would taste good with my coffee...hmmm...


Nicki said...

If you see that elf, would you send him/her my way? :) Great recipes, thanks!

{edie} said...

Hi Amy!
They both look amazing and I can totally sympathize with the 'kitchen looking like a tornado' scenario! I don't think there's any hope for mine until after Christmas. THank you so much for joining! I saw some cute pics of your sweet boy while I was visiting!
much love,