Monday, December 6, 2010


little things i'm celebrating tonight:

--ben stopped (while playing), led john to the potty and he proceeded to poop. HUGE accomplishment for my little dude. we all stood in the bathroom doorway and cheered like crazy!

--anna did very well and was cooperative during a speech evaluation, eye exam and hearing test today.

--josh actually decided to play with his brother and sister after homework was done. and he ate TWO green beans (without gagging). PROGRESS!

--ben cried like hell, but allowed john to give him a little haircut. PRAISE THE LORD!

tonight i am filled with a feeling of calm and content that i haven't felt in a long time. and that, my friends, is a big reason to celebrate.


Kimberlee said...

Those are big things! I rejoice with you!!!!!!

Love your new banner/header. LOVE>

...Nancy said...

nothing like those small victories! yea for you!!!