Thursday, December 2, 2010


i had a busy day today.
just go, go, go. nonstop.
all day long, all i really just wanted to do was curl up and lay down.
the funny thing? i could do that right now but instead i'm sitting here on the computer like a dummy.

josh is doing homework, john is making himself some supper, anna's in the bathtub, and ben is already asleep.
i guess i should be decorating or wrapping or doing laundry or something productive.
i keep thinking why should i decorate now when we'll look at it for only like 20 days?
what is wrong with me?!?

don't worry, i'll snap out of it soon.
i hope.
i'm going to a friend's open house this weekend--and that always fills me with Christmas spirit.
her home is lovely and gorgeous and just plain AWESOME!
i hope i remember to bring my camera. you'll die.

i don't have much to say tonight.
and no new pictures either.
see, what in the world?? who am i?!?
so i'll leave you with these pretty pics (from pretties and posies) that's inspiring me to hopefully get up off my butt and kick Christmas into gear.

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