Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i'm so weird.

i love reading people magazine but the show 'tmz' creeps me out.

i love all gerber commercials. i think it's just because i love babies so much.

i hate it when my keurig is out of water. i have to keep it filled to the top at all times.

i took all the dust jackets off of my cookbooks and put them in rainbow order. just because they look happier this way.

i will fold loads of dark clothes all day long but i hate folding whites. i will leave whites in the dryer for a week if i can go that long without running the dryer again.

i cry while extreme home makeover every single time. and my kids get so worried about me.

i am afraid to try to sew ruffles.

watching people sing karaoke makes me very uncomfortable. i get all nervous and embarrassed for them. but, i love american idol.

and now it is time for bed--where i cannot, under any circumstances, wear socks.


Anonymous said...
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Christy said...

hilarious! I am the same way about the socks in bed thing. Makes me feel claustrophobic!

...Nancy said...

i know a guy from work that lined his highlighters up in rainbow order...i made fun of him. and would rearrange them when he was not looking! hahhaa.... ask me who later!
love you girlie!

Jen said...

I love your blog!!


amy d said...

so are you still afraid to sew ruffles? :)
i loved meeting you for realz!
i told my husband that i met this awesome other amy who could fulfill my childhood dream...he said "spacecamp?" i was like YES!!!!!!!!! can you believe he actually guessed it on the first try!
come see us anytime!!!!

meg duerksen said...

you ROCKED the ruffles!!!!

amy you are an amazing woman and i KNEW you would be. thanks for coming!!!

Stephanie said...

HATE dust jackets on my cookbooks. or any book. HATE!


Miss G said...

I came over from Meg's blog. Good to "meet" you. I love that you did that with your cookbooks. One of the first things I did as a newly married was to arrange my books and my husband's together on the shelves by color and as I proudly showed him he was very bewildered. :) Your cookbooks look great!


p.s. I cannot wear socks to bed either! Kelly