Tuesday, January 25, 2011


this momma is tired.
i'm flying solo this week and life has been full-speed ahead.
loading the dishwasher,
unloading the dishwasher,
loading the dishwasher again.
the same kind of life you have...busy.

but lately i've been kinda feeling blue.
a little sad.
maybe it's the gray dark sky.
or the lack of sleep.
or maybe it's because 3/4 of the time i feel overwhelmed.
that is exhausting.

and i started writing this post to complain about how tough things feel right now.
but as i opened my laptop and my fingers started to click the keys, something changed.
i started to think instead, about the things that are making me feel so grateful.
so FULL.

like how happy i was that ben stopped wrestling with his brother to come to me and sign "night night".
he was tired and decided it was time.
i looked at the clock and it was exactly 7:00, his bedtime.

like how happy i was as i tucked anna in bed tonight and she exclaimed, so happily, "my bed feels like a big puffy cloud!"
and we laughed and giggled and i kissed her cheeks over and over again.
those chubby round cheeks.

like how josh wanted to snuggle with me on the couch, so tight.
and even though his boney little shoulders hurt my chest, i didn't really care.
i just wanted to be close to him.
and smell his sweet head, feel his hair on my cheek.
i couldn't help but notice that he's almost as long as i am.

like how happy it made me to see my friend stefanie today.

like how nice it was that my parents volunteered to pick the kids up from the bus stop today so i wouldn't have to go out in the rain again.

like how happy i was coming home to a clean house.
or having clean water to drink.
or laying on my comfortable sofa in my warm home.

it's incredible how much i have to be thankful for...
why do i forget so easily?

why do i forget, when it only takes a moment to remember.


Kimberlee said...

Being a single mom, if only for a week, is HARD STUFF.

Hug you? I think I shall. :)

SouthernProletariat said...

Oh amy...I get tired with two, much less three! (and your house- is gorgeous!) Hang in there!

Patti said...

Would you be willing to contribute a photo of Ben for a slideshow I'm putting together? If so, please email me:)

Kylie Mc said...

being a mommy is hard work. we always seem to come last and take care of ourselves the least (which we don't even seem to mind bcuz we love our families so much). maybe you need a babysitter for the young ones and a trip to the spa (i'm planning this for myself next week, it's long overdue...lol). ;)

p.s. i luv all the wonderful things you found to be grateful for!