Monday, January 3, 2011

it's a brand new year.

new year's was low key and chill.
we hung out, ate more good food, and watched tons of football.
i spent many hours cleaning out and organizing the office/craft room.
next up are the kids' closets.
then our closet.
and lastly, the garage. it's gross. yuck. nasty.
there's SHAME in that there garage!

school starts back tomorrow.
we are all looking forward to getting back into a routine.
(but i admit i will miss my pajamas big time)

i'm hoping to get back normal, back to healthy food, back to schedules and bedtimes.
anybody else ready for to get back to it?


Lisa said...

Amen sister! I love winter break with my son, but everyone is ready to get back to a schedule. Especially mommy!!!

Linnea said...

I really want a do over. Our entire break was spent with my 4 girls at their gmas while my baby boy and I spent 5 days in the childrens hospital starting christmas day. Sigh! But it is a new year and I am looking forward to a better walk with God and getting healthier.

Be blessed