Tuesday, January 4, 2011


i remember thinking, when ben was a baby, "it'll get so much easier when he's older."
"when he can walk, when he can feed himself, when he can play by himself" etc.

what was i thinking?
the baby phase is wonderful.
they eat what you give them, they are easily amused and they SIT STILL!!

and now, as i sit here remembering, i'm shaking my head in complete and utter disagreement. i'm laughing at how foolish i was--i must have lost my damn mind.

ben is a mess.
he is everywhere, into everything, never stopping for anything or anyone.
this boy means business.
we call him "destructo dan."
he's like a mini tornado--oh i know--picture the tazmanian devil from looney tunes.
that's him, baby.
a whirlwind of chaos.

in the meantime, i can't seem to do anything around the house.
nope. that would distract me from being on ALERT at all times.
my house, and consequently, my mind, are losing it.

the laundry piles are now as high as the washer itself--why can't they just make the jump into the machine by themselves?
the dishes seem to multiply overnight.
the dust, well, the dust brought its suitcase and has stayed all month long. it's not the best house guest we've ever had, i'll tell ya.

i blame it on the boy.
he's cute and he's sweet.
but he's a pill. God love 'em.


Kate said...

Your home is so beautiful. As are your children. Our middle daughter is just like your little Ben. Total "Taz". I can't keep my head above the water either. You are not alone. Thanks for all of your wonderful posts. I always feel I can relate. Even though I don't know you I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work!

jessica kiehn said...

Hey, the laundry can wait. Sanity is more important!
Ben is stretching you, but that's good. It's a reminder and an obvious example that you are stronger and more patient than you ever thought you were because God gave Ben to YOU! You are qualified, and you are the only person perfect enough to handle that little Tazmanian Devil darling boy.

meg duerksen said...

are you ever going to show us your whole house?!!! all these snippets kill me.
i have been there with not being able to do ONE thing because of the youngest kid...wow.
they do destroy anything in their path!
and then they grow up and we miss the cuteness and innocence. its just so hard being a mom!

i just send you a crazy email to your nasa email...i can't ever use people's email thing to click on their blogs. :)