Friday, February 18, 2011

ben boy's room

i was visiting over at adrienne's the other day and her post inspired me.
she wrote about making over your home with what you already have.
i do this all the time except i call it "shopping my house (or garage)"--and i'm overdue to mix some stuff up.
chalk it up to a hefty dose of spring fever.
so that's on the agenda for this weekend.

but adrienne also showed a couple pictures of her darling bennett's nursery and i got to thinking...have i ever showed you ben's room?
well, here it is in all it's mishmash glory.

this room used to be josh's and the paint colors stayed the same when we moved ben in.
all the furniture was bought off of craigslist. for $40. and my neighbor was donating the blue cabinet so we happily took it off their hands. my awesome dad made the train table.

he's been in a big boy bed since he was two.
i wasn't quite ready to make the transition but we thought since he could do fine at daycare, he would be fine at home. he has been very, very good at sleeping in his bed. thank goodness.

i found this awesome bakery crate at the country living fair in ohio and brought it back to alabama. i love the turquoise paint.

this yellow chair was john's when he was a kid.

thrift store lantern and cheap tjmaxx frame.

i made the bunting. the fish pictures are from his nursery. so are the letters.

the bedding is a total mix. some are old, some are new. nothing really matches but that's ok. he doesn't care! :)

so that's it. ben's little space. of course i'd love to get him some new furniture and curtains and maybe paint, but for now it's cozy and homey and everything is well-loved. just the way i like it!


Kimberlee said...

I am loving the tour and that bakery crate. Major want. Jealousy want that I'm trying to contain.

Can't wait to see what room you show us NEXT!

...Nancy said...

Can you decorate my bedroom? And tell T I want a train table too! :-) ( so sorry about Kramer...hope Anna is ok tonight) love and hugs...

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

ben's room is so cute! that crate and the chair are really fabulous. and so are the sheets. love that mix.
oh, and the bunting! super, duper cute.

Chrissie Grace said...

I love cozy and comfy! I love the mix of vintage and modern too...
and yes, show us more!!!

Kayla said...

Really cute! By the way, I gave you a Stylish blogger award on my site!