Wednesday, February 16, 2011


how can it be wednesday already?
i have lots on my to-do list and work has been steady busy.

so i thought tonight might just be the perfect time to share some awesome blog finds with you--instead of going on and on about how tired and busy i've been.

let's start with darby and her honey bee tees.

we now own about eight of them and all the kids LOVE them!
ben is wearing the brown long-sleeve dog right now even! (and it's on sale btw)

then i saw she just listed some of the CUTEST baby sleeper gowns.
they would make the perfect baby gift.
i die!

ok, what else...have you seen this kitchen?
it certainly is making the rounds through blogville and i know exactly why.
it's beautiful.
i want!

i should have warned you. the entire house is fabulous.
like a dream. and now i'm up to my eyeballs in jealousy.

i am also a little bit obsessed with this dining room. (the whole house really. it's a recurring problem with me!)

i love the church pew and the amazing aged finish on it.
and that sweet blanket draped over it.

a lonnnnng time ago i came across an article in better homes and gardens about a young mom/designer in texas named holly mathis.
i immediately ripped out all the pages and stashed them in my inspiration binder.
fast forward to a few years ago and i randomly ran across her blog! weird.
anyways, she's got such a pretty eye and seems so down to earth.
i love this post on using calendars as art.

well, ben is now laying on the floor, totally mad at me.
poor thing NEEDS a popsicle, like right NOW!
gotta run!


Hillary said...
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Darby said...

Hey Amy, I was just browsing your blog... hopped over from Under the Sycamore and saw this! I recognized your name from your orders and lo and behold saw this! Thanks... you are too sweet and I'm glad your kids like their tees!!! xo D