Thursday, February 3, 2011


this seemingly lame can of pringles caused such a commotion this afternoon.

while grocery shopping, i slipped it into my cart.
ben went wild.
he wanted it.
he wanted to eat it right then.
he whined and tried to stand up and over into the cart.
he could care less about the free sprinkle cookie he was eating.
it was history. thrown outta the cart and gone!
he wanted a sour cream and onion pringle and he wanted it now!

those poor people in the checkout line.
the young cashier...oh he was sweatin' it, waiting for me to pay.
the bagger tried to give ben a smile. it only made ben scream louder. that was funny.
and the other folks checking out. oh, they looked at me like i was torturing him, then quickly looked away.

it was...deep breath...something.

if only they could see him now, with his sour cream and onion pringles.

he's all better.
those sweet smiles are back.
and my armpits have finally stopped sweating.

so, tell me again...somethin' about how these "kids" are always so happy??!!?


Tausha said...

You don't know me, but I found you from Meg's oh so fabulous blog. I figure any friend that Meg talks about on her oh so fabulous blog, must be oh so fabulous as well.
You my friend are beyond fabulous! I came over to ask a question about some of the fabric you used in your hoop art. (the one that looks like you drew flowers freehand on it-I don't suppose you would share any info on that. I zoomed in one the pic and googled the info on the side of the fabric that i could see, but no luck. Would you mind sharing? I love it, and I must HAVE it)
ok-after that sidenote-I came here looking for info and left with a full heart, a list of blessings that I forgot to count today. I also came away with hope. I believe that hope is a very strong word. It's actually one of my favorite words. (is it weird to have a favorite word?)There is so much power behind that the little, small, 4 letter word. Your sweet posts have reminded me to have Hope. It's been a rough day and I was feeling..well, you know how we get. Your words and talents made me smile. I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for writing what your heart feels. A lot of people would not have your courage.
So my new friend-Keep up the great work. I will be back to fill my bucket sooner than later!
Have a wonderful week!

ps-thanks again for sharing the info on the fabric. I so appreciate it. :)

Tausha said...

Whew-that was a long post. Sorry, apparently, I had a lot more to say than I realized.
One more thing I wanted you to know. I have now have one crazy, fierce craving for Sour Cream and Onion Pringles. So much so, that I might have to go and get some at the store. :)This will do nothing for my weight loss efforts!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said... i want pringles. yum!
second, piper does that too, but with loaves of bread and white corn tortilla chips. crazy kid.
i think the other shoppers must think i don't feed her because of the way she tries to eat through the plastic. she's nuts!!

Anonymous said...

We love Pringles around here, too! But being that we live in Japan, we get some really different & cool flavors to try! Pringles (and Kit-Kats) are so much better in Japan!

Lisa said...

that would be "these kids" is always "those kids" or "these kids"...

meg duerksen said...

that made me sweaty.

i have had that happen so many times!!

Kimberlee said...

So funny. I thought I was the only one who had a child wit Ds that missed the "always happy" gene. One day I even said to Bruce, "When is that happy thing going to kick in?" :)

Miss ya! (Not sure when I'm going to stop saying that because it's TRUE!)

Danett said...

Are kids always bad when strangers are looking -- and then they say oh look at THAT mom and HER kids... LOL! Funny story! LOVE your blog!!

Lisa said...

I love seeing that in a store! Remind us that we are ALL human and no one is perfect. Hate it when it happens, but what can you do? Crazy kids have a mind of their onw...thank goodness!