Monday, March 28, 2011


oh yes, it really is a monday.
rainy, chilly, exhausting monday.
back to watching my diet, back to homework struggles, back to responsibility.
i miss my weekend already--pajamafest was nice.
sitting at a desk all day? not so nice.

despite the tired, the cold and rainy, there have been some sunny moments today.

meg's shop reopened. i bought one of these.

it is a wonderful reminder. had to have it.

then i finally started a pinterest account after i found out that anyone who is anyone has one.
be prepared to lose several hours of your life.

my new pottery barn pillow covers came in the mail today.
they are so nice, nicer than i thought they would be, and they are on sale too.

lastly, i received something pretty special--a baby announcement from a long lost friend.
i haven't seen her in probably almost 20 years, but through the beauty of facebook i knew she had a second baby.

she offered to send me one and it made my whole day!
even though i really dislike facebook for other reasons, reconnecting with old friends and being able to see what their families look like is awesome.

i am a cranky moody mess.
all i want is a warm blanket, a hot cup of tea and a little quiet.
here's hoping the sunshine and a better mood come my way tomorrow!


Kayla said...

I spotted that You Are Not an Accident today on Meg's page too. I haven't checked it out at her Etsy shop yet though! Good luck getting your warm blankie and hot tea...where I live it is supposed to rain and be gray all week - hope it is different where you are!

Danielle Farley said...

Hey Amy, I was wondering if you could email me? I sent you an email but it won't go through, thanks:)

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

you are hysterical!