Monday, April 25, 2011


my eyes are heavy tonight.
i can almost feel my bed calling to me.
but i want to post some easter pics before i get too behind.
i already have like ten other things i want to post!
anyways, on with easter!

baskets filled with goodies

happy, excited kiddos.

easter eggs left by the easter bunny in our yard and a pajama egg hunt,

our flower beds are exploding with color!

ready for church with dad (and surprisingly willing to pose for a picture or two),

while mom and a wild toddler boy stayed home and watched cartoons together and cuddled.

ben is not ready for easter mass. maybe next year will be the year. for now, we take turns.

later on we went to nana and pop's for a fabulous ham dinner.
i ate two plates full of good food!
i was wishing i had on pajama pants the whole time.
we came home, put the kids to bed and i fell asleep in bed reading my bible.

and just like that, easter was over.
today i gathered up ceramic bunnies and little yellow chicks made from pom poms, all to be put away.
i picked up green plastic grass off the carpet and little metallic candy wrappers that have been rolled into balls, and threw them in the trash.

anna's birthday is on wednesday.
then we are high-tailing it straight into summer.


Team Carter Jay said...

Oh my gosh!! I can't get over how big Ben is getting. Look at him go!

Shelly said...

Your gardens look lovely. The family photo(minus 2)is great. Love the Diary of A Wimpy Kid book ready for church:) Happy Birthday, Anna.

Welcome Summer!

...Nancy said...

Oh my...Anna is gorgeous and looking very grown up in that dress!