Friday, April 15, 2011

random and chatty. or chatty randomness. whatevs.

this morning john called me at work.
he was on his way out the door but he couldn't find ben's shoes.
he eventually found them--outside under ben's favorite swing--in the pouring rain.
so ben wore his (close to being one size too small) sandals to school instead.

it has been storming off and on all day.
we have tornado watches through late tonight.
it's feeling chilly and rainy, and i'm feeling sleepy.

i wanted to apologize to a bloggy friend, mrs. kayla from shut the fridge.
she gave me a blogging award way back in february and i did a pretty crappy job in accepting.
thank you kayla for thinking of me. that was very, very sweet and i appreciate it!

my house is a total mess.
lately ben wants every toy from every bin and he takes turns throwing them and picking them up.
it makes quite a mess. but he's content and happy so we let him have at it.

josh is changing again. he seems so much older and more aware of things.
(anna thankfully is still blissfully oblivious to everything!)
every morning now, josh takes a shower. he picks out his own clothes. he gets everyone's backpacks packed up. and he is usually waiting for me to be ready to take him to the bus stop.
it's kinda freaky seeing him in his bed now--his body takes up the entire thing!
he really hates giving me kisses anymore. his hugs are quick and loose.
i wonder where my baby went to.

anna's class went to the zoo (with john) yesterday for a field trip.
i can't wait to see the pictures!
she was so happy and talkative and giddy telling me about all the animals she saw.
note: she did not see any lions. the flamingos were her favorite.

i love cooking shows.
i want to make fresh pesto right this second.
i read cookbooks like they're magazines. is that weird?

i love emily henderson's new secrets from a stylist--though it should definitely be an hour long show. at times it feels rushed. but wow. she's mad talented.

next week is the season finale of parenthood. how can that be? what am i going to do all summer long without it???!!

almost time to pick up ben from school.
it is still raining.
i'm heading upstairs for some comfy sweatpants and fluffy socks.
hope you have a wonderful weekend.
peace out.

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