Monday, April 18, 2011

glorious sunday

i spent yesterday doing the usual: catching up on laundry, cleaning the kitchen, making beds.
i also squeezed in a little fun for me too.

a new skirt for anna.

i used this tutorial.

i am proud of myself. :)
many more skirts to come. i'm hooked.

a sonic run.
sitting on the porch enjoying the cool breeze.
watching ben play with new matchbox cars.
steamed shrimp with old bay.
reading and praying.
pulling weeds.
admiring a few peony and rose blooms.
the garden is awake and alive.
washing and folding more fabric and elastic for projects to come.

it was so nice and CHILL.
this morning was much more chaotic--even after being awake for only 1/2 an hour.
i find myself missing sunday already.

last night i tucked my ben boy into his comfy bed.
in two minutes flat he was sound asleep.
the benefits of giving up naps.
i bent down and kissed his sweet little head.
his mouth was open just a little bit and i could feel his puppy breath on my face.
and i thought about sergey. and the other children from reece's rainbow.
do they have a warm bed? does someone check on them to make sure their quilt is tucked around their sleeping bodies?
i pray they do.
i pray they find families to love and cherish them.
i will continue to give, to feel, to pray for these children.
they are deserving of so much more.

there is still time to donate.
maybe YOU will win the ipad or one of the other prizes!
it's worth a shot, right?

you have it.
give it away.
it is easy.
and you will feel GREAT.
i promise.


Kimberlee said...

Look at you Miss Seamstress! I am so impressed. And I learned a new thing...I should be washing fabric! Who knew? :)

Danielle said...

Thanks Love! That skirt is adorable!

meg duerksen said...

love these pictures.

and now i want a sonic.