Tuesday, April 19, 2011


my sweet new friend danielle tagged me.
poor thing.
doesn't she know that i am HORRIBLE about these things?

but...i promised her i'd play along.
it's the least i can do for her!

so here's some random fun about me:

My Favorite Things~

Food~ hands down it has to be italian. ziti, manicotti, lasagna, tiramisu, etc, etc. in fact i email my very italian friend at least once a week with a new recipe and beg him to cook it for me! i really do!

Color~ white. khaki. blue. with a hint of chocolate.

Animal~ puppies. sweet squishy puppies.

Dessert~ ice cream. plain and simple. every single night if possible.

Artist~ right now i'm so into adele. but i've an ongoing love affair with ray lamontagne for a few years too. and harry connick jr. oh man, i love my harry.

Pair of shoes~ flip flops or flats. i have the best pair of cowboy boots but i never wear them. they are just for looks. and that sounds so silly, doesn't it?

Outfit~ jeans, flip flops, tank top with a cardi, earrings and a bangle bracelet. i always wear my lisa leonard necklace. never comes off.

Skinny jeans~ What are those?:) thunder thighs + skinny jeans = snausages. hahahahahah

Brand~ i don't usually go for brands anymore. i like stores where i can buy a latte, a gallon of milk AND a cute top. super target here i come!

Perfume~ old school calvin klein eternity. still smells so good!

Accessory~ earrings. love 'em.

City~ stone harbor, new jersey. (even though i love living in alabama, i still love new jersey beaches!)

Hobbies~ read, write, gardening, sewing, glue gunning, making notebooks of craft projects and decorating ideas, collecting thrift store finds in my garage.

Beauty Products~ ok, i admit it. i love anything from bobbi brown. her makeup is amazing. it's way too expensive, but i love it. plus i use suave shampoo so i figure i split the difference!

Holiday~ christmas, halloween.

Snack~ yogurt with strawberries and mini chocolate chips. yum.

Movie~ pride and prejudice (keira knightly version), once, moonstruck, you've got mail, french kiss, family man (thanks for the reminder of that one meg).

Song~ jolene by ray lamontagne.

or empty (by ray too). these are not happy songs but they are so emotional and beautiful. pure ray.

Guilty Pleasure~ sleeping in when everyone else is up. sneaking away in the jeep for a ride. a trip to the antique store. a lawler's bbq baked potato. grocery shopping by myself. blogging when the sun is shining.

i hope danielle doesn't mind, but right now i'm not going to tag anyone.
i need more time to think about who i want to tag.
there are so many fun blogs out there that i enjoy and i enjoy them for so many different reasons!

so i leave you tonight with a cutey picture of my ben boy.
gheez this boy is so great.
i mean really, really great.

good night me lovelies!


Danielle said...

See that was fun;) I don't mind at all that you don't tag anyone it was completely for my own selfish reasons really. Ben is AWESOME!!!!

Kayla said...

I don't think I have ever heard Ray before, but I love Adele and Harry Connick Jr. one of my favorite stations to listen to is Siriusly Sinatra - for a little Harry, Dean, Sammy and Frank. I also love the movie French Kiss. I don't think I have ever heard anyone else list that one in their top movies! Seeing that adorable picture of Ben reminded me of an article I read yesterday about the percentage of Down's Syndrome babies that are aborted....just heartbreaking!