Saturday, May 7, 2011

anna's bday. abbreviated version.

poor anna has just had the worst luck with birthdays.
as you know, her birthday was last wednesday, the day of all the horrible tornados.

in between sirens and scary weather, we opened gifts, blew out candles and ate some cake.
then quickly ran into our safe place for another round. (check out the weather map in the background!)

we spent so much time waiting for the storms to pass, both my girls fell asleep together.

the next morning our entire focus shifted.

but we all know how that story ended.
folks are still recovering from the tornados.
it will take a long, long time.

thanks again for all your sweet comments this past week.
it means more than you will ever know.
i will keep you informed on our progress with bringing davis home.
you can count on it.
so i guess you should get used to seeing his sweet little face here.
he's family now.

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