Thursday, May 5, 2011

mothers day gift.

*****if you are NANA, please close the computer and do not read below!*****

can you believe mothers day is sunday?
it was rainy and cold here early this week so to keep my little ones busy we decided to have some fun and make something for nana.
as usual, i hit the craft room.

i found some feedsack dish towels i bought at dollar tree.
then i found a pack of fabric markers from hobby lobby. i think we used these to make bookbags before?

anyways, the dish towels seemed perfect for nana.
so we got busy.
i asked the children to draw something pretty and sign their names.
we doodled and colored and traced our hands.

i helped a little (by drawing the butterfly outline, for example) but they did the rest.
i think it was fun for them to be able to scribble all over the fabric.
after they were finished, i threw the towels in the dryer for about 30 minutes on high heat just to set the markers.
that's it!

we ended up with a set of dish towels that i think nana will just love.
personalized and colorful and fun.
they are all wrapped up and ready to go!


Team Carter Jay said...

Oh wow! Those are a really cool idea! We may have to try that one <3

Kayla said...

I want some of those towels! I may have to leave this screen open and see if anyone spots it in time for Sunday! Oh and I love Anna's mermaid!!!

Anonymous said...

ok, i looked...because i break the rules :}...AND of course, i knew that i wasn't "the nana" addressed here!! These are great!! She's going to LOVE them!! and Anna, is that "brownie-blackie" that i see drawn there?????? You did an absolutely FABULOUS JOB!!! Love to you all, xxxooo Auntie Suzanne

Danielle said...

Such a good idea, Amy! I will definitely have to steal this one:)

...Nancy said...

Big LOVE. :-)
The butterfly...looks like a rainbow of happiness.
Happy Mothers Day to you Amy and your awesome Mom!

meg duerksen said...

totally doing this for christmas gifts!
i LOVE this.
great great great idea!