Wednesday, May 11, 2011


saturday morning, my oldest son made his first holy communion.
we woke up late and puttered around the house like we had no where to go.
i still don't know what we were thinking!
by the time we had to leave, we were all scrambling and yelling and arguing.
it was not feeling very HOLY at all. :)

the mass was lovely and full of spirit.
father o'kennedy brought a very special message to the children and it was really very, very special.

ben, however, was not feelin it at all.
john spent most of the service outside trying to keep him occupied.
i spent most of the service trying not to cry.
after the mass ended, all the children sang together and i was happy to take ben outside so john could enjoy the group and snap some pics.

ben and i retreated to the car for a snack and drink and john gathered everyone up, positioned them so they would be blinded by the sun, and took some pictures to commemorate the event. (hahaha. poor things!)

uncle jay ran back to work before we could take his picture.
we'll get ya next time jay!

i'm going to pretend that the rest of the day was just as lovely as the morning and not full of poor attitudes and lots of whiney "i wants."
because that morning, sitting in our little church with my family, watching my sweet, tender-hearted son filled me with such hope and love.

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