Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i love.

here's a quick list of the little day-to-day stuff i love at the moment.
(before i forget!)

*ben loves mint chocolate chip ice cream. i get him a scoop, he devours it, then says/signs "MORE PEEEESE"!

*i love the fact that anna is liking softball this year. and she's made new friends too. very cool.

*this skirt from old navy is so comfy and summery. i bought it when it was on sale and love it.

*josh's grades have been improving. his last progress report was two A's and one B. next progress report comes home tomorrow. hope it's straight A's this time! he has been working hard!

*there are only two and a half weeks left of school. then i get a break from being the homework nag! yea!

*john got his fingerprints done today for our dhr clearance and i have my individual home study interview tomorrow. a few more things that bring us closer to davis. :)

*my kids love to watch looney tunes, tom and jerry and the pink panther. i like to watch them too.

*anna's bday party is finally happening on saturday! fingers crossed for NO disasters!

*i am still adding things to my pinterest. do you have an account too? let me know so i can follow you!

*john officially earned his master's degree and is finished with school!

*our clock in the kitchen is fast and we've made it to the bus stop early two days in a row! that's cause for a celebration, let me tell ya!

*josh made his first holy communion saturday and it was lovely. but that deserves its own post. tomorrow. :)

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Kimberlee said...

I stalked you on Pintrest over the weekend. :)