Thursday, May 19, 2011

little bits.

i am enjoying the little bits of our life tonight.

john: "ben! you peepeed in your pullup!"
ben: "YUCK!"
john: "yuck is right."
ben: "YUCK!"

anna: (sang to the melody of "she'll be comin round the mountain")
"rain travels in a cycle, yes it does,
rain travels in a cycle, yes it does.
it goes up as evaporation,
makes clouds of condensation,
goes down as precipitation,
rain travels in a cycle, yes it does!
yee haw!"

josh: "can i play halo wars? only six more days of school. can i have some ice cream?"

is there anything cuter than the beginnings of cursive writing?

the other night i was having a pretty miserable time juggling my mom duties.
no one was happy.
josh didn't want to do his reading homework.
ben didn't like supper.
anna didn't want to play with ben for me so i could clean up.
john wasn't home yet.
i was frazzled.
just then, ben made a huge mess in the dining room, spilling all the nuts and shells out of our nutcracker (my dad makes them).
i was cleaning up the mess, feeling sweaty and up to my eyeballs in misery, when john walked in the front door.
he was smiling.
i was NOT.
then he pulled out, from behind his back, a special plaque given to us.
yard of the month.

our neighborhood picked us to be yard of the month.
i took one look at that plaque and burst out laughing.
he was smiling.
i was smiling.
we were both feeling a little proud and happy after that.
and the rest of the night seemed to go just fine.
thank you neighbors!


Danielle said...

Your yard is very pretty, you totally deserved that award:)

meg duerksen said...

you rock the alabama yards.

you should be proud.
it's gorgeous.

my family was playing a game of wiffle ball tonight and the fighting was driving me nuts and i threw in the towel. i had to quit. just couldn't take it. i left craig out there on his own. i wish my story ended with a YOTM plaque too.

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

I can see why. Your home (& yard) are beautiful! Now cmon over here and help me scrape my front porch floor please:)