Sunday, May 15, 2011

the party.

we finally celebrated anna's birthday.
poor thing had to wait three long weeks.
i've had the huge, lavish parties before but more and more we have crossed over to the simple celebrations.
really, when it comes down to it, the children just want a day where they can make all the decisions.
so saturday was anna's day.

she had three friends over, we went out to dinner, made fairy gardens, watched anna's favorite movie of the moment, and had a sleep over.
it was nice. loud and full of lots and lots of loud giggles, but nice.

the fairy gardens were a BIG hit!
i found this idea here where the kids made these for teacher gifts and thought it was cute.
a year later and we finally made them as party favors.
whatever. it worked out great.

painting the fairy houses (bird houses from walmart)

adding some pebbles and moss to the bottom of the gardens for drainage,

adding some flowers, pebble pathways, moss, rocks, and other fairy kinda stuff,

until they were just to the girls' liking. 
whew.  these girls were PARTICULAR. 
but the end result was so cute.

later we took the girls to a japanese steakhouse for dinner.
perfect for a party--the entertainment was built right in!
especially when the chef would light things on fire!

after that we came home for presents, cake and ice cream cones.
then the girls watched the movie 'spirit.'  it's a horse movie.  from like 1997?  who knows, but anna loves it.

when it was all over, my little monkey told me it was the best party ever.
i'm just glad she finally got her wish.
and both john and i are super glad that our birthday season is finally over! :)
happy belated birthday, my lovey girl. we are so proud of you and love you bunches.


...Nancy said...

love the 'fire' picture...perfect timing with the camera. :-)

Katie said...

I love the fairy gardens! So fun!!

Luann Howard said...

love the gardens!! I just made a larger one in an old galvanized tub for my 3yr. old granddaughter to enjoy with her little gnome people. Great idea for a party!

meg duerksen said...

cutest fairy garden!!!
great party....i would love that party for ME!
love all of it.
lauren used to watch spirit all the time!

Holly said...

so cute! I miss my big girls being little!

Danielle said...

Amy, I love it all! We are so much alike, I've had that idea bookmarked for awhile. I might have got it from you in fact:) Can't wait to make them. You always have the best ideas! And yes my girls love Spirit as well:) Love this post!

Team Carter Jay said...

love Love LOVE the fairy gardens. I am SOOO stealing this idea as a project to do with my little girl this Summer.

Sharla said...

Great party! My 7-year-old son loves Spirit as well :)

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Spirit is a favorite amongst my two girls as well. LOVE those fairy gardens. My 7 yr old would love to make something like that.
And that pic with all the girls squinting away from the fire? Priceless!

Joanne said...

Found your picture of fairy gardens on pinterest. This is such a great idea for a favor and what is best is that it keeps the kids busy for quite a while. The result was really pretty.
Blessings, Joanne