Sunday, June 12, 2011

little people.

last week i found this cute picture/project and a link to this etsy shop.

where did i get this picture from?
i can't figure it out! (if you know, please tell me so i can give proper credit!)

i knew this could be a fast and fun weekend art project and since a set of twelve of these little guys was only $4, i quickly placed an order.
they came saturday!

and approximately 2 minutes after they made it in the house, anna was at the kitchen table with a paint brush in hand!

can you believe it? even josh joined in!

of course i had to paint one too.
just too fun.
so this one is me. blue eyes, freckles and all. :)

now we have a collection of little people the whole family loves.
josh has his messy little dudes, anna has her prissy girls (with bows) and ben can throw 'em and bang them together all he wants without breaking them.
best $4 i've spent in a long time!

i still have a few left to paint.
anna wants me to paint each of us.
josh wants to paint an army of halo guys.
i still think ben needs a superman or spider man.
maybe i should order a few more!


Shannon said...

I did these for our wedding toper for our cake. They charge an arm and a leg for them painted, but to buy then plain and paint them yourself, I think I did the whole project for under 5 dollars. I think they are adorable. Love your blue-eyed freckled one :)

meg duerksen said...

yes....i must have these.
i think i will make a set for me.
and let the kids make their own!

Holly said...

LOVE these! Def on our summer craft list!

amy b. said...

I think that photo is from Aesthetic Outburst, I think. So fun! I just saw them at Hobby Lobby also.