Sunday, July 24, 2011


it's hot and muggy. even at 6:30 in the morning.
we are doing as little as possible outside.

all of this time indoors has us feeling, well, trapped.
lucky for me, ben found our connectagons today.

please tell me you all have connectagons?
they are small wooden round painted disks that you can connect in all sorts of fun ways.
the kids love to build structures as wide and tall as they can.
and it can take hours to do that! which is great for a tired, cooped up mom like me.

we bought our connectagons here but they are also sold here.
and don't forget to grab a coupon code (i usually check out this site).

maybe they will bring you some summer relief too!


Shelly said...

Thanks for a great Christmas gift ideas for my niece and nephew:) Stay cool. It's hot up here, also.

Kayla said...

I played with something like this when I was little. They were plastic though and looked like little flowers....but they were used the same way...I had a lot of fun with them too!