Monday, July 18, 2011

just dance.

last fall i picked up a wii game i thought we would all like called just dance for kids.
i brought it home, showed it the kids and it sat, unopened, for months.

just the other day, when i was at my breaking point--the kids all bored from being inside and avoiding the heat, my throat scratchy from all the yelling and hollering, hearing "mommy!" for the billionth time, you know the kind of day--i sent the kids to the play room for a little quiet time.

fifteen minutes later i heard giggles and laughter.
could it be? could the bad attitudes finally have left?
wait, where were MY children??!?!
the, the clouds parted and angels started singing...ha.
the kids found the just dance game and had started playing it. together.

the next few hours were awesome.
lots of singing and dancing and giggling.
kids getting along, little brothers enjoying the show, encouragment, laughter, silliness.
this simple game brought it all back. it restored all of it.
and i was so grateful.

the next morning, the little kids couldn't wait to play again.
but they wanted john to check it out.
i was making pancakes in the kitchen listening to anna tell john what to do and what not to do.
i grabbed my camera and snuck into the dining room so they wouldn't see me.
i had to capture a teensy bit of their dance party.

watching my husband and little girl get their groove on...priceless.

p.s. our "play room" is a teeny tiny room downstairs that probably is meant to be an office or a formal living room.
we like having our kids nearby so we can keep an eye on them (and their friends) so we made it a kids' room.
we make it work.
kids do not care that it is small. they just need room to be kids.
even though i sometimes pray, wish, chant to the forces that be, to give us a big huge game room, it is not gonna happen.
so we make do. and enjoy keeping the kids close by while they'll let us.


Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

we need a wii.
that looks like a blast.
and that back wall the maps...lovely!

Kayla said...

I love the way Ben is watching all the action too! Your husband has strong calf muscles! :) Looks like a lot of fun!

Lasso the Moon said...

You kicked $5000 in the pants! So excited for you. I haven't donated yet--still trying to drum up as much cash as I can for ya.
Anna (rope)

suzanne briggs said...

has john seen this post??? hehehe, he's still in great shape, just look at those legs!! (sigh)
where was josh during this bootie shakin'?? john needs to teach him his finger pointing skills (like in dance fever- luv it!) xxoo to all, auntie haven't sent in our donation yet....i am such a procrastinator!!

meg duerksen said...

nice neck.