Thursday, July 28, 2011

thursday, already and thursday, finally

one of the letters we were waiting for showed up in our mailbox today! yea!
if you have been praying for us, thank you!
this certainly was no coincidence--no, this letter was heaven sent!

other items worth noting today:

--tricia and glenn were officially crowned as world's best listeners this morning in my office.
as we sat with our coffee cups and i spilled my guts about all my worries.
i love them.

--the big kids (and john) jogged to my parents' house tonight.
josh is trying to get in shape for football.
and anna just can't let him do anything on his own.

--ben swam for 2 1/2 hours today.
then he ate like a little piggy.
and then he was supposed to take a nap but instead kept saying "UP!" over and over.
finally at 7:00pm, on the dot, mr. no nap went to sleep.

--i have convinced a couple of friends to join me in selling some crafty stuff at a small local event in october--my next attempt at raising some more money for our adoption fund.
now my head is swirling with craft ideas and booth decorating ideas.
i hope i can sleep tonight!

--i bought a maxi dress and a couple of cheap (but super cute) tank tops at walmart today.
i am praying that no one asks me if i'm preggo when i wear the dress.
do you have to be super skinny to wear these things?
ack! i hope i have the guts to wear it 'cause it's adorable.

--open house for the kiddos' school is one week from today. school starts a few days after that. i think it's time for a quick, emergency overnight trip, just the five of us, to celebrate the end of our summer break.
any suggestions??

ok. i think that about does it for today.
hope y'all had a happy thursday!

oops, almost forgot a picture...what was i thinking?


Amber said...

Well, you're not pregant, but if anyone asks if you're expecting, you can say "YES!" and tell them all about Davis!

coco said...

I think you live in Huntsville so you aren't that far from Birmingham (where I live). We love to take a little one night vacay to Ross Bridge Resort here in Bham. It is really nice and has an awesome pool with a slide my kids played on for hours. We aren't golfers but they have an award winning golf course. You can eat at the hotel or opt for less expensive fair nearby. If you want some suggestions, just email me. We get a discount through RSI because my hubby is a public school teacher but you might be able to get a deal through the internet or something. There are also a lot of cool things to do in bham which i will also share it you like!

meg duerksen said...

my answer about the pregnant thing "nope not pregnant.....just fat." kinds puts them in their place.

OR you could say "i'm due in october" and walk away????