Monday, August 15, 2011

be my guest.

today i am guest blogging at jeannett's.
her blog has long been a favorite of mine and i am honored to be a part of her special needs series.
of course i couldn't help but write about the little boys in my life with down syndrome!
but the series is not just for parents of special needs children.
it's more about just being parents.
and more about just being people.
and mostly about LOVE.

jeannett is also doing a fundraiser for an incredible organization called the free wheelchair mission.
their goal is to provide wheelchairs to the impoverished disabled in developing countries.
but what they are really providing, by simply giving them wheelchairs, is so much more: their dignity, self-respect and mobility.
i am proud to be able to give to such an incredible organization.

hop on over and show her some love, ok?
hope you have a lovely monday!

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Team Carter Jay said...

ohhhh, awesome charity! Great job!!