Tuesday, August 16, 2011


ok so here's the thing.
i am from new jersey.
born and raised.
when i was 18 i moved to pennsylvania for five years to attend college.
then i moved south.
way south.
to alabama.
and i have lived here for 13 years.
so, i'm quite the oxymoron.

i love to cuss (i do. bad.),
i love to say yous guys,
i love to laugh about fart jokes,
i love to cheer very loudly for my beloved penn state.

but i also love sweet tea,
i love the Lord,
i love potlucks,
i love saying y'all and ma'am and yes sir.

i am the epitome of a damn yankee.
i am a mutt.
a potpourri of the north and the south.

but ya know, over the years, i've learned to embrace my north meets south personality.
i'm ok with a cheese steak or a hush puppie.
i'm cool with the way i pronouce water (i do say wudder.)
and i'm cool with the way i proudly tell the children to fetch a buggy at publix.
bless my heart.

i like it.
i like that about me.
i like me.
and it's taken me 36 years to be able to say that.


Renee said...

I like how the me in me likes everything about you. I like the way we'd probably set on the front porch together and holler at our husbands to fetch us some sweet tea, but then laugh because they would be too busy watching football to care. I like that we both love Davis and Paisley, and the pile of beautiful youngins that surround the both of us. Basically, I think we are good, the both of us, just like we are.

Rebekah said...

I hear ya. Born and raised in South Detroit. Transplanted to Atlanta in 87. At this point, 24 years later, I think I am more Southern than Yank. But I walk faster and with purpose. I will never like grits and love my oatmeal. I still love my Tigers, Lions, Pistons and Wings even if I don't ever get to watch 'em play. But I'd root for the Braves, Falcons, Hawks or Thrashers in head to head matchups. And my blood runs blue & maize and also red & black - Go Blue/Dawgs! Now pass me another glass of sweet tea.

Kate said...

Love your post. Truly. It's always wonderful to learn about the person behind the blog. The glue.

I know we have never met. Bet I love your blog.I am slowly learning to like "me" more as the years pass too.

It's nice feeling so comfortable with yourself :) Keep it up

crazy lady said...

Hey "me", All I can say, is that I'm glad "me" is here and decided to stay. I love you just the way you are.... north or south!!!

...Nancy said...

I like you too. And the way you say wudder. And the way you make fun of me for speaking deep south!

-Kasey said...

Lol oh geez. I am from Boston but have lived down here in the South for going on 10yrs now. My husbands family are from Mississippi. You should have seen the looks on everyones face at our 4th of July cookout this Summer when I said 'Yous guys'. You'd have thought I broke some sort of code or something ha!

hydeeann said...

the 30's are good for something, no? i'm a mix of the south, the southwest, and Texas (which is it's own country, really. not south or sw - it's TX, y'all!) not much north in me, but i can relate. it's good to have a bit of lots of places in ya. and even more, to embrace it!