Wednesday, August 17, 2011

some business stuff.

i have received so many nice comments and questions from you lately.
i would love to answer them all, but most of you have your blogger settings set so that i can't reply to you--your email is not accessible!
so how can i get back to you?!?

there are two ways to get around this.

1. change your blogger settings so your email is available when you comment.
you can do this by simply clicking on your dashboard, clicking on "edit your profile" (next to your picture), and then clicking the box that says "show my email address."


2. send me an email with your email and your question.
you can click on the "email me" pic over yonder. --------------->

if you have asked me something in the comments recently and haven't heard a peep, please email me.
i am more than happy to help!

next item today is the keeper of my heart giveaway.
all items have been shipped and/or coordinated to be shipped.
if you won something, please let me know (via email) if you still have not received it.
one commenter asked me to list the winners. and i did that HERE.
so if your name is listed and you haven't received your prize, i need to know!

ok, next up. the chip in button and our reece's rainbow fund.
so many kind folks have asked if we are going to do another fundraiser.
the answer is YES!
i am trying to plan a few things, but all are in their infancy stage right now.
in the mean time, if you would still like to give a donation, the chip in button is still active and you can always give by clicking on davis' picture over in the right hand column.
both of those methods still work and we are more than willing to receive!
thank you for asking.

what's next? hmmm...
my friend ashley ann gave me something for one of YOU.
come back tomorrow and see what's up.
i'm leaving ya hangin!
but trust me, you're gonna want to come back for this one!

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