Monday, August 29, 2011

woof woof.

it's no secret that anna's most favorite toy in the entire universe is a little floppy purple and white stuffed dog she calls woof woof.
that little doggie means everything to her.
he's her best friend.
her confidant.
her lovey.

this afternoon she told me it was woof woof's birthday.
"well then, i think he needs a hat!" i told her.

two minutes later, woof woof was sporting a birthday hat!
which worked out perfectly since she had also planned an impromptu bday celebration complete with a cake (stack of crackers), one yellow glitter candle, and many rounds of "happy birthday to you!"

fun stuff for a girl and her pup.


Kimberlee said...

I'm loving Anna's bracelets!

auntie suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Woof-Woof..xxoo

Anonymous said...

aww how sweet is this! happy bday woof woof!

Cindy said...

Happenned upon your blog a bit very glad I did. What a happy heart-filled place.:)

Had to comment on woof woof's party. This so reminds me of my middle daughter. She loves her little friends like no other. We have had many a party for them as well. Here's to girlie love and imagniation.
have a happy day