Monday, October 10, 2011


we are enjoying a nice long weekend.
the weather has been the best of the entire year.
warm and sunny days, cool and breezy nights.
this is what people in the south live for--we've finally made it to fall.

you would think with all this gorgeous weather that i would be a picture-taking fool.
not at all.

i did manage to snap a couple of my boys the other day.
they are blurry and awful.
i love them.
the pictures and the boys.

when i see these pictures, one thought comes to mind:

my boys are happy.
they are rotten and loved.
they are brothers.
not to be so sappy all the time, but i think these things often.
i can't myself. i am an emotional, crying mess 49% of each day!


i was digging through the halloween bins when i came across these wigs.
oh my.
these are from a few wild halloween parties before we had kids.
the boys slipped them on and starting posing.
john almost peed himself laughing.
he could not breathe or talk.
just laugh.

my baby girl has been having some jealousy issues lately.
wishes she could be a baby again.
she is the middle child and the only girl.
she has a soft, squishie heart.
she can cry at the drop of a hat.
extra snuggles and praise are in order.

the least i can do is curl her hair and buy her new boots.
we did both this weekend.

we received a beautiful card and a donation to davis' fund this weekend.
tears were shed. a lot of tears.
we are now $500 closer to our goal!

thank you so much D & M!
just having you as friends is a gift.
knowing you are praying for us is a blessing.
we knew from the moment we met you, 13 years ago!, that you guys were something special.
kindred spirits.
i know you know, but we love you crazy lady.
big time.

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