Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i'm still here.

i've been sick.
and tired.
i think i have the flu.
the flu stinks.

i have spent many, many hours watching horrible daytime television.
why anyone would possibly like a soap opera is beyond me.

cooking shows are great but they make me hungry.
i've been watching them for tips on the perfect thanksgiving dinner that i want to be able to make this year--if i'm able to stand up for more than 10 minutes at a time.

decorating shows are gone!
why all the real estate shows? why?

this is the first time i have opened my computer since saturday!
i am hoping to catch up with all of you soon too.
i've so missed reading blogs!

well i must list my gratitude for the week so here goes.
today i'm grateful for:

17. uplifting words. from friends and from strangers.
18. a dog that lets me know when a package is on my front step.
19. christmas letters to santa which include things like a hamster, a puppy, a new brother, and a great time.
20. thoughtful big sisters who happily keep little brothers occupied and happy
21. sleep.
22. doctors who think ahead and really want to help.
23. parents who are willing to do so much for us.

hope y'all have a great and happy thanksgiving with your friends and family!
(here's an oldie but goodie pic for ya. can you believe the kids were once so little??)


Anonymous said...

those are great things to be thankful for- adorable pictures! hope you feel better soon!

Mud pies and Moonlight said...

Feel better, friend. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for you.

Stefanie said...

Happy Turkey Day! Hope you are feeling better... I just got over the same thing and it took a while to get back on my feet.

Anonymous said...

Amy, I just knew something was going on in the Jupin household .... sorry to hear it was you, I mean we just cannot be sick. Hope your Thanksgiving was good and everyone joined in at your place I'm sure. Take care and hope you have recovered 100%...take care..The Crazy Lady

Kelly said...

beautiful kids!