Sunday, November 27, 2011


today i'm grateful for...
24. a husband who loves to cook and tinker in the kitchen.
25. online shopping in my pajamas with a big cup of coffee by my side.
26. dinner delivered to our door. thanks mom and dad!
27. a quiet, dark, rainy morning and candles in our windows.

i am getting better very slowly.
this infection is awful and doesn't want to go away just yet.
i'm still taking things easy and trying to ignore the laundry pile.
tomorrow starts a very busy week for our family--so much on the calendar!
i'm praying that i feel up to it.

here are a few glimpses of the past week or two.
hope y'all had a wonderful weekend.
three cheers to sweat pants and jammie bottoms!!

this year's thankful tree in the foyer,

setting the thanksgiving table with anna.
she was very particular on what went on the table and what didn't.

handmade place cards.  by miss anna, of course.

wonky camera settings that captured things just perfectly.

see what i mean? 
i love the blur and softness.
the people at this table are my most favorite ever.

dancing in the kitchen to the avett brothers.
giggles and hugs and more dancing.


Laura said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling well. NO fun AT ALL.

Your blurry beautiful Thanksgiving table looks lovely, though.

Hope you feel better this week and have the spirit and energy to tackle all that comes your way!

much love to you xo

Chrissie Grace said...

Praying for you to get all better soon!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry you've been sick. And I have been a bad blogging friend! If I had a cute thankful tree like that, you'd most certainly be on it :). Feel better soon, soon, soon! xo to you, Lisa